"I believe that providing an open and non-judgmental environment for the client will ensure to help find the root of emotional problems so that life situations can be correctly addressed".

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"My mission is to provide support and healing while counseling you and your family in a non-judgmental environment that will empower you to recapture the happiness, peace, and stability in your lives".

Allie Levy-Akoka is a licensed marriage and family therapist who provides psychotherapy for children, adults, couples, and families in the San Fernando Valley and in Ventura County. 

 Allie’s exquisite communication, interpersonal, and empathetic skills have accompanied her passion and focus to provide compelling psychotherapy and support for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety-related disorders, grief, low self-esteem, and family-related issues such as divorce, co-parenting, newly blended family struggles, abandonment, and trauma. Allie particularly believes in a Systems therapeutic approach in that in order to make a change, one must look at his/herself as being embedded in a system (family) and also provide support and therapy for the family members if needed. 

Allie also provides individual, couple, and family therapy for clients struggling with addiction, relapse prevention, and family support. Because unhealthy thought patterns always play a role in the development of addiction, Allie believes that using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy will help the client to identify his/her negative irrational thought patterns which in turn influence the behavior.  Allie will assist in exploring and resolving underlying issues that contribute to addiction. Most importantly,  she will explore family dysfunctions and patterns which must be assessed and processed in order to help prevent future relapse. 

Allie has an extensive history of working with the elderly and their families in dealing with difficulties associated with caregiver burnout, Dementia, and other mental and/or physical health-related changes.